6 Ways to Keep Those Critters Away in 2017

Keep Those Critters

It’s the day after Christmas and there are probably still shreds of Christmas wrappings in your living room, piles of toys to put away and even a few leftovers remaining. At Clark Exterminating, we love spending this time with our families. But it’s time to start looking ahead to 2017. Our pest pros have mastered getting rid of bugs inside and outside of your home. But there are a few things you can do to keep those critters at bay. Here are six tips from the experts at Clark Exterminating on keeping your house pest-free in 2017.

1. Dry Everything Out
Porches, basements, laundry rooms, you name it; keep it dry. Creepy crawlies, such as centipedes, love hiding in warm and damp places. The drier you keep these areas of your home, the better chance you have of avoiding these pests.

2. Stick It Out
*cricket, cricket* We all know exactly how crickets sound. And the noise seems to follow you wherever you go after you’ve heard it for a while. If you only hear a couple of them, here’s what to do: put a piece of duct tape, sticky side up, along the baseboards near the cricket sounds you’re hearing. This should attract them and trap them.

3. Laundry CANNOT be Skipped
Germs, spills, smells, fleas, bed bugs… all of these are possibilities when it comes to sheets and linens that need to be laundered. Especially if you have pets in the house, those pet beds, blankets and pillows need to be washed weekly. If you see any sign of fleas or bed bugs, call a Clark professional immediately.

4. Swat It Out
House flies – we know all about them and we all loathe them. A fly or two around the kitchen is normal, albeit pesky. Keep it old school and use a fly swatter to get rid of those occasional annoyances. (Bonus: use your Clark Exterminating fly swatter if you have one!) If you start to see them increasing in numbers, give us a call immediately so we can fix the situation.

5. Disinfect Common Areas
Kitchen counters, doorknobs, the TV remote, the water pitcher – we’re referring to places in your home that have the most human contact. Think about how many hands, and how often, touch your remote. That’s a petri dish just waiting for germs to grow! As long as you disinfect these places weekly, you should be in the clear from spreading germs.

6.Vacuum, Vacuum, Vacuum
Eight-legged, web-spinning, quiet critters creeping along your walls. Yes, we’re talking about those dreaded, sometimes poisonous, spiders. Arachnophobia is on the top of most people’s list of fears. However, spiders actually do much more good than harm to your home. They kill and consume other insects that are common annoyances daily. While the Black Widow and Brown Recluse are poisonous, the most common house spiders are at your service. Simply vacuum up the webs or egg sacs and displace them outside. You can also trap a spider with a glass, slide it onto a piece of paper, and let it free outside.

Whether you’re trying to rid spiders, flies, crickets, or any other common household pest, the easiest way to prevent these critters from taking over your home is to keep all of your surfaces clean and your belongings tidy. Do not use chemicals at home, especially DIY concoctions. That’s what the professionals at Clark Exterminating are paid to handle for you. Don’t forget – we offer free in-home estimates.


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