5 Bugs to be Thankful For

Bugs to be Thankful for

Let’s be honest — no one really likes bugs. The truth is, though, we need some bugs to survive. Even though our team at Clark Exterminating gets rid of bugs for a living, some bugs help us do our job. That’s right, some bugs actually are a part of the pest control cycle.

If you think about it, bugs are a pretty big part of our daily lives. There are over 900,000 different kinds of bugs in the world! With that many types out there, surely they can’t all be that bad, right? You might even be thankful for a few critters, too. In fact, our Clark Exterminating team put together a list of five bugs we can give thanks for this November.

1. Bumblebees
Bumblebees play an incredible role in the circle of life. Sure, honey is good, but bees help pollinate plants, which make vegetables, which feed animals. Though a bee might look scary and has an intimidating stinger, these yellow and black insects are crucial to survival. Bees pollinate one-sixth of the world’s flowering plants. They’ll usually leave you alone if you leave them alone.

2. Ladybugs
These bugs are a sign of good luck in some cultures and are pretty cute, but did you know they also provide pest control? Ladybugs feed on aphids and other soft-bodied insects that can destroy crops. Not only do they eat aphids, they also eat any insect eggs they can find.

3. Wolf Spiders
Yes, we admit these spiders look terrifying, but they’re actually nicer than you think. Wolf spiders help keep the insect population in check. They help get rid of houseflies, moths, and mosquitoes that could become pests around your home. Wolf spiders usually won’t bite humans, unless they are provoked. Next time you see a wolf spider, don’t rush to stomp on it…you might notice fewer mosquito bites on your legs.

4. Soldier Beetles
Soldier beetles are also bugs that help the Clark Exterminating pros do their job well. Like ladybugs, these bugs also eat aphids and soft-bodied insects. Additionally, this type of beetle also eats flower nectar and pollen.

5. Daddy Longlegs
Though these familiar fellows look like spiders, they actually don’t spin webs and they don’t have venom. Daddy longlegs isn’t too pretty to look at, but they are beneficial bugs. They eat plant pests, like aphids, and also eat dead insects and bird droppings (gross!). They help keep the great outdoors in tip-top shape.

As you can see, not all bugs are bad. Even though there are some bugs we’re thankful for, we understand that keeping the bad bugs out of your home is a top priority. Our Clark Exterminating team is the best in the business and can help keep those not-so-welcome guests away for upcoming holidays and months to come. Give us a call for a quote for us to help you keep your home pest-free.

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