How to Protect Against Ants in Arkansas

Ants in Arkansas

Arkansas is known for being the Natural State. Our natural namesake means Arkansas is full of the great outdoors, beautiful rivers and lakes, gorgeous mountains and trees, as well as . . . you guessed it – BUGS! As the weather gets warmer, pesky critters like ants come out of hiding and make their way into our homes.

If you have ant problems in Little Rock, Benton, Bryant, Conway, Hot Springs or anywhere in Central Arkansas give Clark Exterminating a call today! We believe ants should be a stranger to your homes, not an uninvited guest. Here are a few things you can do to keep them out of your home year round.

Put your food awayJust like people, ants love food! After breakfast, lunch and dinner, be sure to pick up after each meal and wipe off all the crumbs from your table. Additionally, store your food in the pantry or fridge and close your food packages well and seal them tightly. By not having access to food in your home, ants will go where they can find it, which means they will have to look elsewhere other than in your home.

Try Windex

Did you know Windex kills ants on contact? This is a great short-term fix as it will only kill the ants you see, not the ones lurking around your home. No amount of Windex can battle the army! That’s a job for the pros. Usually when homeowners find a group of ants in their home, we come in and find hundreds – maybe even thousands – hiding where you can’t see. Our job is to get rid of those ants and make sure they don’t return all the while ensuring that you, as a homeowner, feel confident enough to relax in an ant-free home.

Check for gaps

Many times, ants are coming into your home through a gap in your doors or windows. Your common entry points probably have gaps where these critters are finding their way into your home. Unlike cockroaches or rodents, ants can fit in extremely small gaps to make their way inside. That means sometimes you won’t know where the possible entry points are until you see a long line of ants coming through. Once you do, make sure to seal these gaps with caulk.

No matter how clever ants can be – our team at Clark Exterminating is always ready to take on any level of ant elimination you may need. We know how to find them and how to make sure they get out and stay out. Call us today to let us deal with those pesky little ants for you! Because here in the Natural State, we need to make sure those ants stay in their natural habitat – outside! Remember, “The Bug Stops Here!”

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