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Termite Contracts

A termite bond contract is a service contract with an extermination company or another professional service with specific expertise in termite control that usually lasts for at least one calendar year. There is a common misconception in Arkansas that it is state law to have a termite control contract in place to either sell or buy a home, but this is untrue.

However, a contract is usually required by most mortgage companies before they will provide a loan to a homebuyer in Arkansas. In some cases, the seller of the property already has a contract in place to help make the property more valuable, or the buyer can request that the seller have one to make the purchase less of a risk.


Why this is important
Termites can be found in every state except Alaska and are most pervasive in southern U.S. states because they thrive in warmer climates. There are more than 4,000 confirmed species of termites in the world and ten percent of them have been identified as economically significant pests that can cause serious structural damage to buildings. Out of that ten percent, the main species of termite found in Arkansas are Subterranean and they feed mostly on dead plant material, generally in the form of wood.

Many mortgage companies require termite treatment and inspection every year. Most mortgage terms state that the buyer must keep a termite contract on the home, or they will be considered in default of their mortgage. When buyers go through mortgage companies, sellers are required to provide a one-year termite policy and a Clearance Letter issued by the contract pest control company. The letter should state that the property has been inspected and was found clear of termites. If there is no policy in place it can be costly to start, especially if termites are found during the inspection and will need to be treated before a new policy is issued. Mortgage companies usually require that the home being purchased have a termite inspection. Arkansas is not an inspection-only state, so if any statement as to the condition of the home involving termites must be guaranteed for one year.

Signs of Infestation
It is very possible to have an infestation for years before seeing any signs, while the termites are doing considerable damage to a home. The average cost to homeowners to repair termite damage is approximately $3,000 but can vary greatly on the extent of the damage. The right protection could prevent a homeowner from having to handle extensive damage repair bills.

There are a few signs a potential homebuyer can look for themselves during an initial walkthrough or before the Inspection Contingency Date runs out in the purchase contract. These include:

  • Soft or hollow wood
  • Cracked paint
  • Mud tubes outside
  • Small swarmer wings on doors or windows
  • Dark or blistered wood
  • Termite feces (Termite feces do not look like sawdust, but resemble tiny pellets. Carpenter ants leave feces that look like sawdust.)

Clark Exterminating Has the Contract You Need
Here at Clark Exterminating, we offer pre-Construction treatments, post-Construction treatments, renewable termite contracts, and real estate clearance letters. With over 30 years of experience in Central Arkansas pest control, we have the expertise and equipment to tackle the toughest termite problems. If you’re building a new home, buying a pre-existing home, or thinking of selling your property, contact us today about your termite control needs online or by phone. Inspections and estimates are FREE with no obligations! Remember, “The Bug Stops Here!”

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